Oxygen therapy

Method of oxygen therapy is used in medicine and everyday life for several years. It is known that when oxygen is inhaled at concentrations higher than is present in the air increases during this period and the concentration of oxygen in the blood plasma.Increasing the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood leads to an increase in capillary blood flow stream, and thus also improve the delivery of oxygen to tissues. Some problems such as memory problems, slow performance, slow response, quality of vision and hearing, as well as migraines or premature aging, are often given in relation to the lack prokrvením organism. Increasing the supply of oxygen to tissues and improves the effect of defense mechanisms and accelerates the growth and regeneration.

Oxygen therapy will improve the prevention of certain diseases, promote the healing, increases mental and physical capacity, improve the microcirculation and not least to improve overall skin condition. Oxygen is fuel for life. Because oxygen can not be stored in the body, we must ensure the regular supply. This is done by breathing. In the lungs, the oxygen enters the blood through the circulatory apparatus and the organs of the body. In capillaries, the oxygen moves into the cells where there is an energy production processes. If the body is in lack of oxygen in the body and lack of energy.Intensive oxygen can supply applications of highly concentrated oxygen directly to the skin. Happens by means of special applicators.
When oxygen therapy ie breathing humidified oxygen, the recommended frequency of administration of at least 5x - 10x. Therapy induces a feeling of total relaxation, improved breathing and decreasing fatigue. The importance of inhalation of concentrated oxygen is to slow down the process of physical and mental aging, has a positive effect on psyche, strengthens the immune system during infection and weakening of the organism, improves energy state of the organism, reduces the adverse effects of poor environmental conditions on health.

It is indicated for the treatment of heart disease and circulatory system in diabetic complications, and so on. Suitable for respiratory diseases, to improve blood circulation and combat fatigue ..

Oxygen therapy is the treatment complex. Does not act only on the sick body, but on the whole organism. This therapy is not a risk and it is universally applicable.

Oxygen - recommended for asthma, bronchitis, angina pectoris, ischemia. Improves physical and mental condition, the performance of muscles and brain, helps overcome fatigue, increase immunity virózám and improves memory.

Each cell in the human body consumes energy in order to optimally fulfill its function.Lack of oxygen and thus energy is the cause of many disease states and leads to the emergence of health problems and illnesses.

Enjoy a unique opportunity because of this treatment method, which will help you:

• Improvements to improve the energy potential of the organism
• Improve physical and mental performance
• Accelerate the regeneration of a history of disease
• Positively influence the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system diseases, urological, gynecological and oncological diseases, musculoskeletal diseases,
• Preventive action against cancer
• Mitigate adverse effects of pharmacotherapy
• Increase fitness for major elective surgery, sports performance and mental effort
• Slow the aging process, get rid of wrinkles and cellulite

If you increase the oxygen content in the inhalation air Sizing the quality of your life, increase your physical and brain activity slows down aging, ie the lengthening life.