Oxygen and alcohol

Talking the negatives too much alcohol consumption probably does not make sense. Who of us experienced the long party in the closed and poorly flats, bars and restaurants and then a proper "hangover"? Even in this case is a great helper oxygen, which is 100% better solution to similar levels than pills headache.

Alcohol is the destruction of every living cell.

Its foundation is ethyl alcohol, wine or spirits. After 5-10 minutes after ingestion of alcohol is absorbed into the blood and dissolve the entire human body, which burns quickly and prepares the tissue of oxygen and water. Organism cells to contract and thus vital functions are abused. Alcohol causes degeneration of the liver, kidney, heart, blood vessels and other organs, first and foremost, however, destroys the nervous system. This is most affected by the devastating effect of the brain, which is explained by the fact that brain cells can not perform its function without the participation of oxygen. Brain cells also contain a lot of fatty tissue, which easily enter into chemical reaction with alcohol and partially dissolved in it. Because of this ability is assigned to specific alcohol nerve poisons and drugs. The first due to his ingestion of the dying brain cells, which are responsible for thinking, knowledge and decent human behavior in society.

Oxygen helps elimination of toxins and other harmful substances arising under the influence of alcohol. Does not mean that oxygen is a universal salvation, but certainly ensures high efficiency!