Oxygen and sport

For athletes there is enough oxygen crucial. When exercising, training or racing, demands on oxygen to grow strongly. The blood during muscular work releases carbon dioxide, which displaces oxygen and oxygenates blood. Muscles work initially without oxygen (anaerobically), but as soon as the cross "anaerobic threshold", the energy release was dependent on the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood, which it expands throughout the body.

Gaseous oxygen to the muscles require not only higher forcible performance and endurance, but also the brain to mental concentration. Thanks oxygen begin to burn fat reserves, which contains twice as much energy as liver and muscle glycogen and muscle protein. Athlete of saturated pure oxygen to be felt as a beneficial second wind. "Fatigue soon disappear (and fatigue lactic acid - lactate - breaks down due to oxygen), rhythm, breathing calms and restores the mental concentration and the initial stress of taking effort away.