Oxygen products as ideal for increasing productivity

Surely you have already found themselves in a stuffy office or non-ventilated conference room. Even a slight decrease in oxygen concentration due to stale only 0.5% - 0.7% in combination with increased temperature and the mental stress often leads to feelings of hardship, increased fatigue, mikrospánku, unnecessary headaches and seizures.

Employees and employers are feeling the fatigue from time to time due to overwork and lack of exercise (especially for office work), leading to lower performance in employment. This is obviously unwelcome ills, with which, however, can easily leave.Get to the firm oxygen inhalers and productivity of work only to grow. Alternative dose of oxygen will also be appreciated firms whose headquarters are located in busy streets with high concentrations of automobile or in buildings with poor ventilation and in recent years, a company located in new buildings, which is releasing the 24-hour air-conditioning.