GOX - Packing oxygen


GOX - Packing oxygen

Effects GOX:


  • Oxygen slows down the aging of human cells.
  • Oxygen helps headaches.
  • Oxygen helps with fatigue.
  • Oxygen enhances immunity.
  • Oxygen improves breathing in patients with asthma or allergies.
  • Oxygen improves the psychological state of people suffering from depression.
  • Oxygen increases fitness up to 25%.
To keep cells healthy and in good condition, need a sufficient supply of oxygen. Lack of oxygen causes a disruption of metabolism and cell renewal. Smog, increased concentrations of ozone, poorly ventilated rooms and lack of exercise can lead to inadequate intake of oxygen. This may lead, inter alia, the following symptoms:
  • restlessness,
  • headache
  • physical exhaustion,
  • fatigue,
  • insomnia,
  • depression
  • immunodepression.
Supply of medical oxygen can reduce the effects of these problems. It is also possible to positively influence chronic bronchitis, problems associated with advanced age, visual and auditory problems. 

GOX provides the body in stress situations, oxygen, and thus help ensure a return to normal rhythm. GOX helps to facilitate recovery after exertion. It contains 99.5% oxygen - a source of energy for active lifestyles. Reduces the performance degradation and restores energy. GOX is appropriate to use in sport, to increase concentration, to fatigue at the wheel at work and stress and headaches. 




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How to afford enough oxygen

We have enough oxygen? Its content in the air is stable, tzn.21%? Surely you know the environment stuffy gym or on the spinning rooms, which were not well ventilated. Decrease in oxygen concentration only 0,5-0,7% in combination with increased temperature and voltage, result in a training gymnasts to breathe heavier, unnecessary headaches and convulsions, which undermined the benefits of training. Čtyřlitrové and šestilitrové container with 99.5% oxygen, from which the net easily inhaled gas by fitting mask can be recommended for athletes in the fitness center, in gyms, senior athletes in pre-competitive preparation or, conversely, for recovery after competition and in all aerobic activities, aimed either to fat burning or endurance training on.

What is the physiological principle of action? 

Oxygen is inhaled into the lung chambers connected in the pulmonary capillaries to the blood pigment hemoglobin containing red blood cells - red blood cells. Tj.kyslíku gas exchange and carbon dioxide depends on passive diffusion of gas from a higher to a lower pressure. Pressure of oxygen in the lung chambers is 13.3 kPa (100 mmHg) in pulmonary capillary pressure of oxygen is about 5.8 kPa (40 mmHg). Gravity is the oxygen flow from the alveoli into the pulmonary capillaries and binds to hemoglobin.Barrier through which gas defunduje in healthy people is very thin, measuring approximately 0.5 micrometers. Alveolokapilární gas diffusion through the surface depends on the thickness of the barrier. Transfer of oxygen is usually full during the capillary circulation stream. Erythrocytes flowing pulmonary capillaries around 0.75 sav this timeframe is normally held the transmission of oxygen (a process of diffusion).Oxygen is vital for metabolism, is most sensitive to the lack of central nervous system.

What is the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin? 

100 ml human blood binds 0.88 mmol, which is 30 times more than the solubility of oxygen in the water. Hemoglobin oxygen saturation in arterial blood is up to 96%, hemoglobin oxygen saturation in venous blood is 70%. Hemoglobin oxygen saturation can be measured as pulse oximeter.

Oxygen and bodybuilding 

For athletes there is enough oxygen crucial. When exercising, training or racing, demands on oxygen to grow strongly. The blood during muscular work releases carbon dioxide, which displaces oxygen and oxygenates blood. Muscles work initially without oxygen (anaerobically), but as soon as the cross "anaerobic threshold", the energy release was dependent on the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood, which it expands throughout the body.

Gaseous oxygen to the muscles require not only higher forcible performance and endurance, but also the brain to mental concentration. Thanks oxygen begin to burn fat reserves, which contains twice as much energy as liver and muscle glycogen and muscle protein. Athlete saturated pure oxygen to be felt as a salutary "second wind".Fatigue soon disappear (and fatigue lactic acid - lactate - breaks down due to oxygen), rhythm, breathing calms and restores the mental concentration and the initial stress of taking effort away. A successful bodybuilder burns subcutaneous fat in the gym and the combination of endurance type training achieves exceptional "vyrýsovanost 'muscles. And this in bodybuilding terms, or not?

In studying 

Gaseous oxygen is needed not only to higher performance and endurance of muscles around the body, but it also needs a brain to work flawless and mental concentration.When sufficiently pure oxygen saturation suddenly felt "second wind" like athletes.Fatigue and stress are the result of stress, a sudden retreat, breathing is calm and concentration quickly.

In office 

Surely you have already found themselves in a stuffy office or non-ventilated conference room. Even a slight decrease in oxygen concentration due to stale only 0.5% - 0.7% in combination with increased temperature and the mental stress often leads to feelings of hardship, increased fatigue, mikrospánku, unnecessary headaches and seizures. You say - no problem, since it is after all a break, to větralo. Is it possible to get enough oxygen needed vyvětráním in the industrial city, loaded traffic and smog? Studies confirm demonstrable increased risk of respiratory diseases for professionals who spend most of time working in dusty streets.

Stress and headaches 

Excessive exertion, physical or mental, occasional headaches and stay in non-ventilated room, accumulate in the body dissolved, "waste" carbon dioxide. Claims for oxygen had significantly increasing. When sufficiently pure oxygen saturation suddenly felt a beneficial second wind, like athletes. Fatigue and stress are the result of stress, a sudden retreat, breathing is calm and concentration, quickly renewed.


Thanks oxygen to reach the dreaded fat stores, which are easily and get rid of it even when twice as much energy than the current energy source, ie, the blood sugar - glucose. And you, who you exercise, you burn oxygen more efficiently unwanted subcutaneous fat. The combination of endurance type training easier to adjust their body weight down.

How GOX used? 

Remove the mask, place it upside down to inhaled pot. GOX grasp with both hands and attach the mask inhalation, according to the image on the nose and mouth. Inhalation mask pressed against the container, thereby releasing oxygen from the container.Breathe by mouth 1 to 2 seconds. The manufacturer recommends a series of 8 to 10 nádeších to achieve the desired effect. In our experience, however, sufficient 5 to 7 breath. After use, remove the mask and put it back in the pot cover. Inhalation, if necessary, after 10 minutes again. 

GOX is available in two sizes. Smaller pack contains 4 liters of oxygen, increased packing 6 liters of oxygen. 
GOX on the volume of 6 liters lasts around 120 compression, ie about 40 breaths (depending on intensity), 6 liters of oxygen content greater goXu pack lasts about 200 compression, ie about 60 breaths (depending on intensity).