Therapeutic bath

Rebuilding of the concept of full service spa, offering Oxygenic oxygen therapy as a perfect complement to your spa. Spa visitors expect to be spoiled and Oxygenic Oxybars add inestimable value to the overall spa experience.
Oxygen calms the mind and stabilizes the nervous system is responsible for health and maintenance of every cell in the human body, including skin cells. To the skin to function, must be adequately supplied with oxygen. Oxygen can stimulate blood circulation, which allows skin cells to function more efficiently, with more nutrients and achieve their own equilibrium. "Health with the assistance of oxygen" is one of the newest and most exciting areas of bark skin.

Thanks reports media customers quickly begin to realize the benefits of pure oxygen. A growing number of spas across the country meets the needs of its customers by adding to the list of oxygen and find out how it helps them to increase yield and also not protrude above the other spas in the area.

Oxygenic Oxygen Spa System TM provides your bath two unique oxygen services, the application of oxygen to the external skin care and inhalation of pure oxygen combined with the popular aromatherapy. Oxygenic Multipurpose Oxygen Spa ™ System can be used in conjunction with our complete range of oxygenated products for a higher level of spa experience . Oxygenic maximize the versatility of our products, so you can maximize your profit.

Oxygenic Oxygen Spa System TM (Oxygenic oxygen bath system) Oxygen inhalation
Your body enters a peaceful spa environment ... a place where the sense of touch can relax the mind and oxygen can refresh your soul.
Relaxation sessions oxygen inhalation significantly enhances the effect of other types of spa cures that reduce stress and tension, release the spine, muscles and okysličí body, so invite your customers to come and soon experienced the effects of these valuable sessions with oxygen Oxygenic.

Turn up your spa guests to a level on which they never dreamed that give them experience Oxygenic oxygen sitting in the reception, relaxation or social areas.Inhalujte natural aromatherapy mixed with pure oxygen to improve your spa pedicure or manicure, and let the stress and tension, to soften, thereby encouraging overall good feeling. Offer your guests a supreme spa spa experience with relaxing massage combined with soothing aromaterapeutickým oxygen sitting, which stimulates blood circulation and allows skin cells to function more efficiently.
Oxygenic Oxygen Spa System TM (Oxygenic oxygen bath system) Oxygen cure
Oxygen bark are the latest and most exciting field of skin care. Oxygen bark are used for advanced anti-aging skin care. Oxygen bark applied pure oxygen to nourish and revitalize every pore. Oxygen restores skin moisture and stimulates the growth of healthy new cells and increases skin elasticity.Oxygenic Oxygen Spa ™ System does not use hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals often derived from crude forms of production of oxygen. We use only pure oxygen.

Oxygenic Oxygen Spa System TM equipment uses elements such as:
• Continuous flow of 90% -92% pure oxygen at an optimum pressure of oxygen.
• Oxygen Concentrator-concentrated ambient air safely and comfortably, no tanks, no charges, no storage of oxygen and no risk. We need oxygen will never again buy.
• Choice of 4 different aromatherapy
• attraction combines a modern-elegant design that fits into any spa environment
• Quiet operation-Unique design for quiet operation during the spa's crust
• A power-pin current standard, which is used in households
• Independence - Completely self-sufficient facility which has a 2-year warranty
• Portable Concentrator is a 4-roller base for easy portability, that he transported from room to room. Height 28.5 "x width 72 cm x depth 37 cm Weight 26.4 kg
• Effortless maintenance - high profit margins (approximate price for a spa session or oxygen-oxygen treatment is only 6,-EUR)

Oxygenic Oxygen Spa System ™ Oxygen bar
All systems Oxygenic Oxygen Spa ™ System for oxygen bark spray applied, which creates a microscopically fine cool mist of oxygen to the skin. Sprayer allows concentrated and detailed application, which-fitting oxygen to tissues and gives skin a healthy shine as soon as a crust.

Oxygen Facial Massage - Facial Massage Oxygen-fitting oxygen at the cellular level and thereby help improve the strength of collagen and elastin fibers.

Oxygen-Oxygen Acne cure is a natural bactericide - kills bacteria. Oxygen helps to remove dirt and kills bacteria while treating unbalanced irritated skin. Oxygen may be prevention of future acne and folds

Oxygenic Oxygen Spa ™ System provides a safe, natural alternative.

Microdermabrasion - Undertake microdermabrasion with oxygen bark. This treatment safely and gently omladí your skin using microdermabrasion with hydration force and oxidation.

Facelift face - Use oxygen before and after facial surgery to speed up the healing process.

Other uses - Oxygen therapy can be combined with tónováním facial chemical peeling, before / after laser surface treatment of the skin, followed by electrolysis, navoskováním permanent cosmetic changes, etc. Oxygen is also used to treat sun burns.

The aim of the spa owners to sell oxygen sessions with spa services and promote oxygen bark as a natural extension of the spa experience. Add oxygen to the spa menu is the ideal way to earn a spa owners will enjoy a reviving spa business. Offer your guests a spa experience with a supreme spa Oxygenic Youth Restoration (Replacement Oxygenic youth), normal oxygen cure.

Oxygenic Oxygen System TM Spa package includes modern equipment, supplies, equipment, aromatherapy, spray, marketing material for the spa industry and our popular product range Oxygenic O2. Complete range of oxygenated spa products company Oxygenic following spa cures and produces higher profits. Oxygenic O2 Body Mist is a mist veil of liquid oxygen mixed with a special aromatherapy to enhance the effect. Try supernáboj called Oxygenic O2 Body Lotion with mixed to oxygen for complete moisturizing and rejuvenating experience strength O2 Chill ™, pure oxygen spray. Oxygenic O2 Bath Salts (salt baths) and Oxygenic retail Gift Packages (retail gift packages) will allow your customers know the difference and oxygen creates profits for your bath.

Oxygenic Youth Restoration (Replacement Oxygenic Youth)
1st Absorb impurities and clean with cleaning preparation Cleanse, which grows and strengthens the skin.
2nd-facing Warming Prepare a poultice and wrap your face - certainly leave room to breathe and push the substance on the skin until it cools.
3rd Inhalation - From our OxyAroma Delivery System (OxyAroma Dodávacího System) inhalujte natural aromatherapy mixed with pure oxygen, while letting massage neck and shoulders.
Oxidation 4th - cool, soothing therapeutic whiff of oxygen is blown deep into the dermal (lower) layer of the skin spray. It stimulates the production of healthy cells and increases strength and elasticity of the skin.
5th wetting - the humidifier, which is gradually vmasírován into the skin.
Inhalation 6th - Relax in a soothing aromatherapy oxygen 20minutovém sessions to recharge your energy revived omladili mind and soul.

Duration bark - 50-60 minutes
The proposed fee - 10-15 EUR
Approximate cost of the salon for the choir (including products) - 1 EUR
Schedule bark - 2 crust month after the first 2 months, then one cure after another month