Shopping malls


Shopping centers are in 21 th century natural place where people gather and are Oxybars thus can become a great oasis for weary buyers. Oxygenic Oxybar install and see how it will soon be buying the beaten track exhausted warriors. Ryazan-shopping-center-01
Our fully equipped with stylish, modern, oxygen bar jobs are now dream of any shopping center, which he adds a mixture of their offerings. Kiosks provide a range of benefits that retailers love - increase the level of energy ogy, purifies the mind and relax the stress.

We provide turnkey business solutions for entrepreneurs who want to open a stall with an oxygen bar in a shopping center. Our turnkey solutions include innovative marketing materials, refined furnishings, bar supplies, bar stools, bright neon signs Oxybaru and more - everything you need to began to run a very profitable business. Your continued success is that most major, so Oxygenic the package includes (without any additional fees), and instructional DVD Oxygenic Oxygen Bar Gift Cards (Oxygenic bar gift vouchers).

Oxybary are only a small investment, yet easy to operate and makes a profit of over 95% for each session!Oxygenic will increase your profit potential by offering a complete line of oxygen products, which are suitable for retail stores in shopping centers.

Shoppers will remember your company logo, which can be adjusted according to your wishes on our device, and an incredible adventure in oxygen bar, which you have provided.