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hudebni_kluby-orangeOxygen bars and dance clubs, bars and clubs are naturally to him. In fact, oxygen bars is due in large part to its growing popularity of its presence in clubs, which attract the most attention. Oxygen is a natural detoxikant, thus minimizing the effects of alcohol. The result is that you earn money sitting on the oxygen and additional beverages that your customers can buy. Your legal liability is thereby reduced, because your guests will be less intoxicated when they go out of your club (many visitors to dance clubs and clubs barych is precisely for this reason, the end of the night, returning to an oxygen bar).

If you own a club or bar, there is no better way to increase your profits than to increase public awareness about your business, and just because you install an oxygen bar. Oxygen bars are only a small investment, yet easy to operate and makes a profit of over 95% for each session!oxygen_bar_10

We offer an extensive selection of portable oxygen bar, oxygen bar supplies and related products. Our equipment can be placed on your own or an existing bar will offer a complete range of packages Oxybarů and equipment that are visually attractive and highly functional as well. Oxygenic device can be manufactured in a variety of different colors with optional unique features such as timers, amazing graphics variable which can be personalized by your company logo.

We help clubs create Oxybary, so we can advise on the best location and help you expand your awareness of the new oxygen bar. Give all your guests a night club benefits Oxygenic Oxybaru and they will love you for it. If you own a night club, you owe it to yourself, you can find further information on altitude and gains the favor of customers, you can get installation Oxygenic Oxybar!