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Thanks reports media customers quickly begin to realize the benefits of pure oxygen. A growing number of spas across the country meets the needs of its customers by adding to the list of oxygen and find out how it helps them to increase yield and also not protrude above the other salons in the area. Never yet features Oxygenic Oxybars and aesthetic impacts associated so completely as the system Oxygenic Spa System.

Oxygenic Spa System provides your salons two unique oxygen services, external application of oxygen to skin care and inhalation of pure oxygen combined with the popular aromatherapy.

Oxygen inhalation
Relaxation sessions oxygen inhalation significantly enhances the effect of other types of spa cures that reduce stress and tension, release the spine, muscles and oxygen body, so invite your customers to come and soon experienced the effects of these valuable sessions with oxygen Oxygenic.

Turn up your spa guests to a level on which they never dreamed that give them experience Oxygenic oxygen sitting in the reception, relaxation or social areas.

Oxygen cure
All systems Oxygenic Spa system for oxygen bark spray applied, which creates a microscopically fine cool mist of oxygen to the skin. Sprayer allows concentrated and detailed application, which-fitting oxygen to tissues and gives skin a healthy glow.Oxygenic Spa System does not use hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals often derived from crude forms of production of oxygen. We use only pure oxygen.

Oxygen facial massage
Oxygen facial massage-fitting oxygen at the cellular level and thereby help improve the strength of collagen and elastin fibers.

Oxygen Acne cure
Oxygen is a natural bactericide - kills bacteria. Oxygen helps to remove dirt and kills bacteria while treating unbalanced irritated skin. Oxygen may be prevention of future acne and folds Oxygenic Oxygen Spa ™ System provides a safe, natural alternative.

Undertake microdermabrasion with oxygen bark. This treatment safely and gently omladí your skin using microdermabrasion with hydration force and oxidation.

Plastic Face
Use oxygen before and after facial surgery to speed up the healing process.

Other uses
Oxygen is also used to treat sun burn