Full bar sets

Oxygenic offers several different packaging equipment. The request can be made and packages tailored to meet individual needs of each customer. Oxygenic All packages include a comprehensive facility marketing support, among other things, helps to explain your value to customers sitting in Oxygenic Oxybaru. Our marketing package includes a series of beautiful posters, color flavoring menu, color Rollup, oxygen information cards, cards with oxygen guides, professionally produced video sample containing the testimony of products, gift vouchers etc. This marketing package for the customer does not involve any additional expenditure, or it does not require the signature of any smlouvy.Všechna our package also contains the elements to guarantee high customer satisfaction, and strong after-sales support, 24 hour service and technical assistance and guarantee supplies at low prices. All this represents a guarantee of your complete satisfaction.

This pack contains oxygen bar equipment, which may be placed on your desk or table. You can start with only the smallest package containing a single workstation (single user), which is ideal for commercial or home use, or with our largest package, which contains 4 stations (for 12 users simultaneously). These packages will be delivered with everything you need to start to run your own oxygen bar, thus including all equipment, initial inventory, complete marketing package, a two-year warranty, after sales support, 24 hour technical assistance, etc.

Packages with portable bar and DEVICE
We have 2 different models of oxygen bars, from which to choose. Each package obsahujeí portable oxygen bar, oxygen bar all the equipment, initial inventory, a complete marketing package, two-year guarantee, after-sales support, 24 hour technical assistance, etc.