Business Opportunities

Oxygenic offers turnkey solutions that are similar to the package license type, but without all the negatives associated with the license! Oxygenic It requires no signing of contracts, no license agreement and no payment of copyright ... NEVER.

Our popular turnkey solutions are business dreams and offer our customers the option of using brand Oxygenic in your place of business without a license fee, or you can use in marketing and installation Oxybaru your own logo!

This fully equipped turnkey package offers everything needed to begin to operate very profitable business, including the world's top equipment, elegant stands with oxygen bars, the tracking system with screens theft, hydraulic bar stools, bar supplies, oxygen products, which will sell, bright neon signs Oxybaru, contract designs, full of innovative marketing systems, insurance, 24 hour customer support and much more!

Even today, contact us and ask for price lists and other details about how you can help Oxygenic start your own successful business with an oxygen bar.

Marketing Support

All packages also include facilities Oxygenic extensive marketing support, you can help your customers understand the value of sitting in Oxygenic Oxybaru. Our marketing package does not include any additional expenses or contracts to sign, but includes a series of beautiful posters, color flavoring menu color table shelters, oxygen information cards, cards with the advantages of oxygen, professionally produced video sample containing the testimony of products, gift vouchers etc. All Our packages also include features guaranteeing high customer satisfaction, and strong after-sales support, 24 hour service and technical assistance, guarantee supplies at low prices, all this will guarantee full satisfaction.

Oxygen menu and instructions


Instructional DVD


Return on investment from inhaling

Table is based on profits of the 10-minute sessions for 5,-CZK per minute. Capacity oxygen bar with 3 stations providing 10-minute session is 20 clients per hour. You can see that the medium used bar, which is in operation 8 hours per day, the outside tables.

For continued success while offering your staff a commission by selling structured scales or sales quota. If you offer your employees an incentive pay when the quota or exceed monthly sales targets, optimizing the number of business opportunities and ensure continued sales, which will result in long-term business success.