This is the real question isn’t it? The good news is that oxygen bars provide very high profit margins. For instance, it costs an oxygen bar owner about 0.45eur per session to run the bar which includes the aroma, nose hose and oxygen (rent and labor are not figured into this as those are variable). The average session costs the consumer 10.00eur leaving a 9.55eur profit for the owner per session! Nice right? It gets better because Oxygenic offers several additional products for you to sell that same consumer such as oxygen mists, herbal shooters, oxygenated body sprays, energy drinks and more. These products significantly increase revenue for you. This is why oxygen bars are so popular as a business opportunity, -low start-up and high profit margins. To answer the question of how much money you can make, the sky is the limit. Our most productive oxygen bars generate between 30,000eur and 40,000eur per month in revenue.